3 for $25 Pre-Made Face Masks! Check out our collection
3 for $25 Pre-Made Face Masks! Check out our collection
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Face Masks - (Pre-made)

  • What you see here is what we have premade, ready to ship within 1-2 working days.
Our face masks are made to fit the whole family! 

Mix it up or become a matching clan...you decide!.  

Many designs to choose from. Never before have we found so many uses for face masks until now. 

No Filter pocket  $15

Practice social distancing, handy for when you need to make a quick trip to the supermarket, keep pollen allergy at bay during spring season, minimise your risks from breathing in the potty mix while gardening, wear it when the air is dusty/ polluted, when you are sick and sitting at the waiting room. They are rewashable, reuseable and reversible.

Our sizing start from 3yrs - Adults. 

All materials are 100 % Cotton, unless stated. 

*Note: While these masks may or may not offer protection, they are not surgical grade, please seek these from chemists and other healthcare providers.